no place famous

i almost got catfished by my home-town this last week. what with it’s beautiful trees, rivers, lakes, mountains, small-town charm and friendly people…

seriously, i got smiled at by a woman heading into the tiny airport bathroom! rare elsewhere in the world but common where i’m from. it was a little disarming!

Plus, my whole family is still there.

The Russell Clan

august is my favorite month in idaho. the wheat it this glorious gold color, the barley is laid over and ready to be made into beer, and the potatoes are starting to flower. the harvest begins.

the mornings greet you with a crisp 65 degrees as you grab a cup of coffee and sit out on the front porch, watching the dawn curl it’s sleepy fingers over the tetons in wyoming.

open. spacious. breathing room.

we had a jam-packed schedule this week!

the boyfriend has never done a triathlon out of state before and it’s all he’s talked about since we made the trip last year. so we spent a lovely saturday morning at the event, where he ended up taking 2nd place in his age group!

look at that face!

while the boyfriend was racing, i popped into the coffee shop and struck up a conversation with a self-important california woman who told me her husband was trying to get her to move to my lovely home-town.

so, as any good idaho girl would do, i did my best to dissuade her; the winters are awful, there’s no ocean, it’s full of mormons (some of my favorite people, but i’m not going to tell her that), it’s super boring (it’s not really) and it’s full of rednecks…

there are already too many californian’s and utah’ns moving there and jacking up the prices so that the people who’ve lived there for generations can’t afford to live there anymore. this was something i previously thought was reserved for places like key west and the california coasts, but apparently it’s happening in my little no-name slice of my no-name state.

but i digress… the day before the tri, the river called to us, so we packed the family up and did a 3 hour float through the idaho highlands. i was a little bummed because not a whole lot of wildlife made an appearance. but it was all good – the water was cold, the sun was out and there was plenty of beer!

the trip went way too fast and i always miss it when i leave. each time, i wonder to myself if it’s time to move back home yet. is it time to return to the lakes and rivers and mountains and leave my saguaros behind? i feel like i’m missing everthing. my neices and nephews are all growing up, my brothers are old now and my dad… the nostalgia is thick.

but then i remember the shitty winters, how long they last, how much i hate the cold and the snow, and, instead, make a pact with myself to go visit every 3 months until i can figure out how to snow-bird back and forth!

is there a place that calls you home?