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Hello, I’m Sarah!

I love beautiful day hikes, easy paddling trips, simple cycling, great authors, delicious food & even better wine! I prefer the sound of pebbles and leave crunching under my feet than just about anything else.

Please look around for affiliate links for the things I find fun & helpful, non-profits I support, and be sure to check out my instagramcracker!

creating a casual cycling culture

America has a traffic problem. And a walk-ability problem. And an air pollution problem. And an obesity problem. And a noise problem. And a pavement-heat-island problem. And an extinction problem. And a climate-change problem. All because we’ve prioritized cars over people. We’re building our cities and our lives around these speeding metal death traps and…

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no place famous

i almost got catfished by my home-town this last week. what with it’s beautiful trees, rivers, lakes, mountains, small-town charm and friendly people…

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from nomad to city-dweller

the identity of nomad is a tough one to give up. can i get an amen?! i’ve been transitioning from nomad to city dweller for the last 3 years and let me tell you, it’s been a tough one! i call myself a “feral” cat because sitting still has always been difficult for me. I’ve…

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